Your commitment is also the safety and health of your employees?

SafetyFirst Sàrl  is here to help and provide support for the safety and health of your employees by offering you services and trainings adapted to your needs. All trainings are given by instructors having a field experience on Event First Aid Station and within companies.

Beside the CVCI, SafetyFirst is also a member of Innoffice.


Are your working places ergonomics? >


Are your employees, suppliers and visitors informed of your safety policies? >


As per Swiss law, do you need an infirmary or defibrillator? >


Do you have enough First Aiders as per the Swiss law? >


Are you sure to be in line with the Swiss labor law?

Ask for an offer to obtain an analysis on your current situation. Based on the result, we will help you to optimize if needed your safety procedures. The goal is to avoid expensive costs due to sick leaves, absenteeism, additional staffs, increases of insurance premiums.

Some of our services:

  • Audit
  • Corrective actions plan
  • Ergonomy check
  • Maintenance contract
  • Training, information session

Did you think of everything concerning the safety of your employees, visitors and suppliers?

An outside look allows very often to raise points which in priori did not call out. Per your request, we can make an evaluation of your actual situation and propose some corrective actions to improve the safety. By optimizing the safety it allows you to decrease the risks of accidents and especially the direct and indirect costs. On 100% of the accidents in companies 60% are followed by sick leaves, 40% are falls from Slips and Trips, and unfortunately 15% are fatal.

Some of our services:

  • Audit
  • Emergency plan, implementation
  • Staff Awareness
  • Suppliers and visitors process
  • Maintenance contract


Are you sure to have the appropriate materials in your first aid kits and/or Infirmary?

While having optimizing the prevention and the safety, the risk zero of accident does not exist. In Switzerland, professional accidents cost several billions every year.
According to your needs, we shall advise to you on the first aid material the most adapted to your company.
One of our basic service on site include material maintenance, medical general information, psychological and physical advices such as stress management, prevention, seasonal information, blood pressure, practical exercices for your first aiders, …

Some of our services:

  • Audit
  • First Aid material
  • Basic service / Workshops
  • Maintenance contract
  • Infirmary set up

Do you have First-Aid workers ready to operate?

Trainings recognized by the IAS
(Inter-Association de Sauvetage)

Our strength is that all our instructors have a field experience as first-aid workers on Event First Aid Station and within companies. Thanks to our experience within SME and multinationals, we can adapt our trainings to the specific need of your company. Our purpose is to train your first-aid workers so that they can operate serenely and apply correctly the first aids.

Some of our services:

  • Company First Aid workers level 1/2 IAS
  • BLS-AED (cardiac massage / defibrillation)
  • Refresh training
  • Specific training
  • Practical exercises
  • Instructors in First-Aid

Team Building

You like to set up an original team building for your employees ….

Our “First Aid team building” can be composed with various workshops, for example:

  • BLS-AED : Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, how to use a defibrillator, detect a heard and cerebral attack.
  • ALERT : how to alert, make a first diagnosis, safety lateral position, move a wounded person, …
  • Rescuing : take care of the bleedings, falls, roads accidents and securing, broken bones, …

A minimum of theory and a maximum of practice to allow each to make the exercises to get the knowledge how to save lives.

This teambuilding can also be organized with transfers, lunch or dinner, others activities, … We have the knowhow to set up your full event.

You want to have more information? Please feel free to contact us

Who are we

Our objective is to improve the prevention and the safety within your company.

After several years, as safety coordinator, within SME and multinational companies, Isabelle Polack Dupraz created SafetyFirst Sàrl to answer a demand in the field of the safety and health.
A study was realized with companies of the tertiary sector and it seemed that these companies needed to be accompanied to meet all Swiss labor law requirements in the field of the health and safety. They also need to have first-aid workers trained as well as to make risk analyses followed by corrective actions for the safety and the prevention of accidents or diseases (physical as psychic), who can engender important cost for the company.

SafetyFirst Sàrl consists of instructors in first aids (IAS) as well as safety coordinators (recognized by the SUVA). They have all fields experiences what allows them to propose practical exercises close to the reality.

Our quality label
safety first

Our purpose being to give trainings by instructors highly qualified and experimented in first aids, as well as to be recognized IAS we set up the label SafetyFirst ® to validate their skills as well as those of the future first-aid workers trained within your company.


We thank you for your interest and it is with pleasure that we shall answer you as soon as possible

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